John O'SullivanMy name is John O' Sullivan and was born in Sligo, West Coast of Ireland in 1962. I have been writing poetry since 1974 and painting since 2000. The dreaming part, forever. I have visited in excess of 55 countries and lived in 7. I currently live and work in Bali. Words and images are meant to be together. They have the ability to qualify each other and amplify each other's resonance. The poems, paintings, journeys and links on this site complement each other with this flow in mind.

Growing up in Ireland; music, words and art became possibilities of escape. They remain to this day my defining. Music never judged. It soothed and secreted angst. Poetry let me feel what was within and without. Art permitted the infinite range of interpretations in other's potential.

A huge focus of the site is poetry related and each poem has the ability to be listened to with me narrating. Poetry must be accessible and so there is also a reference for each poem giving a contextual insight to make your journey more meaningful. You may browse or buy; either way, I wish you joy.

Thank you to those for the belief and allowance to question and being random

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Gathering from Ecdysis 2008

Squirrels gather food
For the long
Dormant season

Why do we not
Do the same with

If we did
We would be
One full season
Of being.


2008 Bali

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