The "now" is consumed with trying to get the web site up and running in as user friendly and personalised a manner as possible and as quickly as possible. It will be in stages and by the end of October it will be 100% operational. Some of the unique features of the site will be an ability to access; download and purchase poetry and paintings as well as browse through my journeys and eventually my photo library. Its an IMAX journal/blog of sorts. All poetry also has the ability to be listened to as well as read. The web site is organic and will reshape itself over time. I also am sincerely interested in your thoughts on how I can make it more meaningful to you. Just drop me a line and I will mull over your thoughts accordingly. As I type this I am appearing in the Ubud Writers and Poetry Festival in bali. The first I have ever attended. It has been a joyous experience of releasing and equalising. Prior to this week; the least time I stood up and recited poetry was aged 9 at the Sligo Feis (competition) which occurred every Easter in my home town. The question is Have I actually moved forward that much since reciting about "my new rabbit" some 37 years ago. I will let you be the judge of that!...smiles and enjoy my journey...Irishman

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Gathering from Ecdysis 2008

Squirrels gather food
For the long
Dormant season

Why do we not
Do the same with

If we did
We would be
One full season
Of being.


2008 Bali

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