Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
Tri Hita Karana : God Humanity & Nature
14 October - 19 October 2008


‘One of the top six writer's festivals in the world!' UK Harper's Bazaar

The UWRF 2008 is less than a month away. This year's program will showcase a dynamic range of fiction and non-fiction writers, poets and spoken word artists from more than thirty countries, in four unforgettable days of inter-cultural dialogue.

In alignment with the festival's theme Tri Hita Karana - God Humanity Nature, spiritual and human rights activists, foreign correspondents and writers from areas of conflict will appear alongside some of Indonesia's leading lights in conservation and food production.

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Gathering from Ecdysis 2008

Squirrels gather food
For the long
Dormant season

Why do we not
Do the same with

If we did
We would be
One full season
Of being.


2008 Bali

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