unbelievers believe in something enough to decide not to believe. why are they
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when both portals of painting and poetry are open there is a rawness that is
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the enemy within

I have worn a badge all my life; excessive drinker dwells within. a happy place
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affirmative action

tender actions, love reactions. past steps must not trace tomorrow’s shadows.
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of pain

in a sense I am not angry; I am numbed. at how we evolve, yet truly devolve. how
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boarding card

tears smiles arriving departing. quicksand of dreams. jfk airport, la april
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Latest Poem

Sitting questioning time as it
relates to me and everything
else less ordinary.

Gathering from Ecdysis 2008

Squirrels gather food
For the long
Dormant season

Why do we not
Do the same with

If we did
We would be
One full season
Of being.


2008 Bali

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